About Us

Aydınlar Dişli has established in İzmir, Turkey and has been meeting reqirements more than 35 years. Aydınlar Dişli was founded on 3600 m2 closed, totally 9000m2 area in Kemalpaşa O.S.B.; producing with its experienced staff. With its skillful Project and the Research & Development departments, Aydınlar Dişli is designing projects and manufacturing completely turnkey works to the companies in Turkey and in the World. In its widely machine park, Aydınlar Dişli can manufacture heavy industry machines, gears and gearboxes to iron-steel companies, defence industry, energy industry, material transport systems, crane and shipping industry.


  • Contributing to the economy of our developing country,
  • Always prioritizing innovation and technology,
  • Depending on tradition and culture,
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction and reliability,
  • Who does not have the ambition of profit and who has the ambition and determination to be so useful,
  • Reflecting honesty and business ethics into its vision,
  • Wishing to contribute to his country and economy,
  • Having high social responsibility awareness,
  • Not competitive, the sharing aspect outweighs,
  • In order to provide quality

We strive to be a company.


In a Short Term;

  • To adopt a customer-oriented approach,
  • To move our company to the top spots in the developing market,
  • To contribute to foreign tourism,
  • Expanding our company and increasing employment,

In a Long Term;

  • Providing production and industrial services of domestic machines,
  • To become a brand in the machinery sector,
  • To train service personnel who keep up with machine technology.